Renewal Info

Hello Propane Dover Members:

As you may recall last year all members were automatically renewed at no cost due to the anticipated impact from COVID 19.  This year the renewal cost will be the same as it was during the 2019/2020 year, $50.00.  The current enrollment ends on 5/31/21.

Last year’s program raised $35,150 (a decrease of $23,000 from the prior year), 100% of which was donated to local charitable groups.  Now in our 11th year a total of $421,950 has been donated thru Propane Dover.  Not only is this program of great value to you, but your participation in this group directly impacts the local community thru local assistance groups

Again I must sincerely thank those who were able to step up and contribute last year.  There remains no minimum fuel requirement and you can opt out of the program at any time for any reason.

Weekly fuel pricing is posted at HTTP://

I thank you for past and continued participation.

Jim McDevitt

Please spread the word about Propane Dover.  Reach out directly to me with questions or inquiries.

Please stay safe!

Jim McDevitt

The Group