Renewal Info

Hello Propane Dover Members:

You are receiving this message today because it is time to renew your membership to the Propane Dover fuel buying group.  This renewal notice is coming earlier than in years past.  Please read below for important information about this year’s membership renewal.

As a reminder your annual membership grants you access to advantageous home fuel pricing.  Last year’s membership grew to 1,149 individuals that helped raise $57,950.  Over 9 years we have raised in excess of $387,000.  100% of the funds raised went to local charities.  Rough estimates indicate this group provided the collective membership $1,000,000+ in fuel price savings last year alone.

Times have changed dramatically in recent months.  COVID-19 is impacting all our lives, families, communities and more hardship expected to come.  The time for all of us to collectively sacrifice, pull together, protect our families, protect our loved ones, our neighbors and community is here and now.


For our 10th year of operation, if you are a current member of the Propane Dover fuel buying group you have been automatically renewed at NO CHARGE ($0), effective 6/1/2020-5/31/2021.


We are making this adjustment knowing that some of our membership is being impacted financially more than others.  To some $50 is a rounding error in the check book, to others it represents a list of grocery items not easily afforded during these difficult times.

We are asking those in this membership group who can afford to, to help fill the void of charitable dollars we will not directly raise this year.  We are asking that if you can afford the $50 donation to please continue to do so by donating directly to the local charities listed below.  We are asking that if you can afford to donate more that you do so in support of those who cannot afford it today.  Please consider it!

This group has been an important part of the local community for 9 years.

Next year COVID-19 will largely be behind us.  If you can, please sacrifice a bit here and now to ensure that the Deerfield Valley and the surrounding area are supported.

Please spread the word about Propane Dover.  Reach out directly to me with questions or inquiries.

Please stay safe!

Jim McDevitt

The Group