The Group

Thank you for your interest in the Propane Dover buying group.  Last year’s program represented a huge success with $53,350 being donated to local 501c-3  groups. The total given to local non-profit groups since the groups inception amounts to $328,400 This is a great value to you, the participant, while supporting very worthwhile local charity’s that have a direct impact on the local community. 100% of your membership fee goes to local charity’s.

As always,  I would like to again continue the growth of the program.  The program only grows by word of mouth. Your direct support to continue the future growth of the program.  I ask again this year that you forward the enclosed information to your friends, family, neighbors, and extended contacts that could possibly benefit from the propane buying group.  Help the local community by saving your own dollars.

Propane Pricing Schedule Per Member Tier Classification for the Period June 1, 2018 through May 31, 2020
Tier 1,  $1.20   over laid-in cost -0 to 500 gallons/usage
Tier 2,  $0.95   over laid-in cost -501 to 1000 gallons/usage
Tier 3,  $0.75   over laid-in cost – 1001 gallons/usage to 3000/usage
Tier 4, $0.55  over laid-in cost- 3001+

Heating oil Pricing Schedule for Period June 1, 2017 through May 31, 2020
“Cost Plus” pricing is at time of delivery, plus $ 0.50 cents per gallon for heating oil.

Suburban’s only requirement for group pricing is that your account be current and setup for automatic delivery.

Propane Dover will continue to add new people to the group for a $50.00 donation to DVCC. There is no deadline to join and the program is available to anyone in the Suburban delivery area. You do not need to be a Suburban customer to participate as in most all cases your propane tank will be swapped free of charge. There is no minimum fuel requirement and you can opt out of the program at anytime for any reason.
There is no pre-buy program offered.
To join send the following information and a tax deductible check for $50.00 made out to Deerfield Valley Community Cares (DVCC) or Deerfield Valley Rescue(DVR) and send to:

Jim McDevitt
P.O. Box 305
West Dover, VT 05356
802-464-3447         email:

Information needed from you:
Account Name
Delivery Address
Phone Number
E-mail Address
Current Supplier
Number of gallons used in 2017
Price you are now paying a gallon
Do you own your tank?

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